An appendix to the new improvements of planting and gardening

Publication Date1726
RemainderContaining the culture of such forest-trees, flowers, &c. as were omitted in the former impressions; viz. the fir, pine, pinaster, &c. the method of raising the truffle, morille, and mushroom. Of the extraordinary production of the chadock-orange. The several manners of graffing. A particular easy method of managing the ananas or pine-apple, the bananas, the guava, the mango, and other delicious fruits of the hottest climates. Of decoys for wild fowl. With some remarkable particulars, not yet publish'd relating to the Guernsey Lilly, and the Coffee-Tree. Illustrated with copper plates. By R. Bradley, professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F.R.S
PublisherPrinted for W. Mears, at the Lamb, without Temple-Bar



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