On Saturday the 9th of May, was published, price sixpence. No. I. Of Walker's geography and gazetteer

Publication Date1795
RemainderElements of geography, and of natural and civil history; being principally the substance of a course of lectures. Containing, I. The order of the spheres. II. The economy of the sublunary works of creation, inanimate and living. III. Picturesque and general sketches of the different parts of the Earth; and the varied appearances and manners of its inhabitants, both man and brute. IV. The rise, revolution, and fall of the principal empires of the world. V. Changes through different ages in the manners of mankind. VI. VII. VIII. IX. Description of the different quarters of the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Their divisions into countries, provinces, &c. Their climates, soils, animals, plants, minerals, mountains, rivers, lakes, canals, commerce, manufacturers, curiosities, schools, learning, literati, religious professions, language, government, history, &c. The Universal gazetteer; being a concise description alphabetically arranged, of the nations, kingdoms, states, towns, empires, provinces, cities, oceans, seas, harbours, rivers, lakes, canals, mountains and capes, in the known world; the government, manners, and religion of the inhabitants; with the extent, boundaries and natural productions, manufactures, and curiosities of the different countries. Illustrated with maps, and and other plates; one of which, an historical chart, coloured, represents in a chronological series, the rise, revolution and fall of the principal empires of the world; the ancient ones of A[ff]yria, Babylon, Persia, Macedonia, and Rome, as well as those of later times. By John Walker, teacher of the classics and mathematics, Usher's Island, Dublin
PublisherPrinted for and sold by H.D. Symonds, No. 20. Paternoster-row; Vernor and Hood, Birchin-Lane; C.D. Piguenett, Aldgate; J.S. Jordan Fleet-Street; Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch-Street; and by the booksellers and newsmen in most part of the Kingdom


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