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Publication Date1768
Remainderbeing a compendium of arithmetic; and a complete question-book. In five parts. Containing. I. Arithmetic in whole Numbers; being a brief Explanation of all its Rules, in a new and more concise Method than any hither to published; with an Application to each Rule, consisting of a large Variety of Questions in real Business, with their Answers annexed. II. Vulgar Fractions, which are treated with a great deal of Plainness and perspicuity. III. Decimals with the Extraction of the Square, Cube, and Biquadrate Routs, after a very plain and Familiar Manner, in which are set down Rules for the easy Calculation of Interest, Annuities, and Pensions in Arrcars, the present Worth of Annuities, &c. either by Simple or Compound Interest. IV. Duodecimals or Multiplication of Feet and Inches, with Examples applied to measuring, and working by Multiplication, Practice, and Decimals. V. A Collection of Questions set down promiscuously, for the greater Trial of the foregoing Rules. The whole being adapted either as a Question Book for the Use of Schools, or as a Remembrancer and Instructor to such as have some Knowledge therein. This Work having been perused by several Eminent Mathematicians and Accomptants, is recommended as the best Compendium hitherto published for the Use of Schools, as well as for Private Persons. The seventh edition, with several additions, particularly a New and very short Method of extracting the Cube Root, and a General Table for the ready Calculating the Interest of any Sum of Money, at any Rate per Cent. likewise Rents, Salaries, &c. By Francis Walkingame Writing-Master and Accomptant.
PublisherPrinted for the author, by W. Bunce, in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden; and sold by Edward Johnson, in Ave-Maria-Lane, (successor to the late Mr. Dod) and E. Walkingame, in St. Martin's Lane, near Charing-Cross


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