The humourist

Publication Date1752
Remainderor, An entertaining Display of the Absurdities of the Roman Catholicks and Nonjurors. Containing remarks upon exorcism, with the Story of St. Grat's Exorcising away all the Rats in the County of Aost. The Form of consecrating the Dagger for the Assassination of Princes. The Story of St. Anthony's Ghost. The Highlander and the Devil. The British Hottentots. The Farce of the Greek and Armenian Priests driving away the Devil on Easter Eve. The forms of consecrating Holy Oyl, and Holy Water. With a great Variety of other devout Pranks, Extracted from various Historys, Voyages, Travels, &c. Inscrib'd to Dr. Deacon. To which is added, the sighs, tears, and groans, of the children of Israel; With the Story of Little John and Mrs. Abigail
Publisherprinted and sold by the booksellers in town and country


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