A catalogue of the genuine and curious collection of books of the Right Honourable the Earl of Orford, deceas'd

Publication Date1751
Remainder(brought from his late lodge at Richmond-Park) Mostly large Paper, in fine Condition, and bound in Morocco. Among which are Folio. Journals of the House of Lords - of the House of Commons Rolls of Parliament, 45 vol. Mss. Kalendars to the Journals Rymer's Faedera, 20 vol. Baskett's Bible, 2 vol. two Copies Bayle's Dictionary, 5 vol. large paper Thurloe's State Papers, 7 vol. large pap. Buckley's Thuanus, 7 vol. Collection of Voyages, 6 vol. Hacke's Description of the South Sea of America, MS. bound in Morocco, and finely illuminated. Octavo. Political State, 56 vol. Theobald's Shakespear, 7 vol. large pap. Historical Register, 25 vol. Collection of Treaties, 4 vol. Morocco Gentleman's Magazine, II vol. Swift's Works, 8 vol. Dublin Edit. which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Langford, (by Order of the Executor) on Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of this instant July 1751. at his house in the Great Piazza, Covent-Garden. The said Books will be exhibited to publick View on Monday the 15th Instant, and every Day after till the Time of Sale; which will begin each Evening at Six O'Clock precisely. Catalogues of which will be deliver'd gratis at Mr. Langford's, in the Great Piazza, aforesaid

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