A catalogue of the entire and choice library of Thomas Pelham junior, Esq

Publication Date1744
Remainder(late Member of Parliament for Lewes in Sussex, and one of the commissioners of trade and plantations) deceas'd. Consisting of Variety of curious and uncommon Books in most Branches of Polite Literature, and in several Languages; amongst which are most of the Classics cum Notis Variorum, Elzevir, and in Usilm Delphini, and other Classic Historians; many scarce Italian and Latin Authors, and the best modern English Books; chiefly collected by him when Secretary to the Embassy at Paris. Amongst many other valuable Articles are the following. Dictionnaire de Trevoux, 5 vol. Le Clerc Hist. des Provinces Unies, 2 vol. Dimostvenis Opera, opt. Edit. Dict. de Commerce, 3 vol. Rapin's Hist. with Heads, &c. 2 vol. Locke's Works, 3 vol. Dr. Middleton's Cicero, l. p. 2 vol. Milton's Poetical Works, l. p. 2 vol. Diogenes Laertius, 2 vol. Bamnan's Quintilian, 2 vol. Cronovius's Tacitus, 2 vol. Masvicius's Virgil, 2 vol. Horace, par Sanadon, vol. Folard Hist. de Polybe, 5 vol. Hist. du Peuple de Dieu, 7 vol. Ciceronis Opera Graevis, 11 vol. which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Cock, at his house in the Great Piazza, Covent-Garden, on Monday next, the 19th instant, and the three following Evenings. The said Library may be view'd on Friday next, the 16th Instant, and every Day after, (sunday excepted) till the Time of Sale, which will begin each Evening at half an Hour after five precisely. Catalogues of which may be had gratis at the Place of Sale.

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