A catalogue of part of the large and valuable library of the Right Hon. Lord Foley

Publication Date1795
Remainder(lately Deceased.) Comprising an Assemblage of Law, Architectural, Classical, and Miscellaneous Books, many on large Paper, Among them are, Plato, a Serrano, 2 vol. cum lineis rubris. Aristotle, a Duval, 2 vol. Seldeni Opera, 6 vol. large paper. Corps Diplomatique, par Du Mont, &c. 18 vol. large paper. La Hypnerotomachia di Poliphilo apud Aldus. Rushworth's Collections, 8 vol. large paper, fine copy. Journals of the Lords and Commons, 202 vol. with several Hundred Volumes of ditto, in MS. London, Paris and Amsterdam Gazettes. Reports, by Bulstrode, Hardres, Leonard, Skinner, Vernon, &c. &c. Year Books, with Maynard, best edit. Viner's Abridgment, 23 vol. compleat. Doomsday Book, 2 vol. Russia. Rymer's Foedera, 18 vol. Linden-Brogius Codex Legum Antiquarum, 2 vol. Campbell's Vitruvius, 3 vol. l. p. Desgodetz Rome, 1682, fine copy. L'architecture Francoise, 4 tomes. Hanmer's Shakespeare, 6 vol. fine copy. Pope's Works, 5 vol. 4to. Ditto, Illiad and Odyssey, orig. edit. 11 vol. 4to. Addison's Works, by Baskerville, 4 vol. Ormes Indostan, 3 vol. Hume's England, 8 vol. 4to. fine copy. Curious Volumes of Tracts relative to Prophecies, &c. in Mss. and Print. Ciceron's, 10 tomes, ap Elzevir, corio turcico. Plutarch, Gr. et Lat. ap H. Stephens, 13 vol. foliis deaurat. Camdeni ... a Hearne, 3 vol. chart max. I de Fordun Scotichronicon, 5 vol. chart max. Baskerville's Milton, 2 vol. Parliamentary History of England, 24 vol. &c. &c. which will be sold by auction, by order of the family, by Mr. King, at his great room, King-Street, Covent-Garden, on Wednesday, March 18, 1795, And Three following Days, at Twelve O'Clock. To be Viewed on Monday, the 16th, till the Sale, and Catalogues (price 6d) then had at Mr. Sewell's Cornhill; Messrs. Shepperson and Reynolds Oxford-Street; and the Place of Sale.


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