A catalogue

Publication Date1791
Remainderof a very valuable collection of books, The whole containing above Ten Thousand Volumes, purchased at different times, comprizing an Assortment of the most useful, as well as scarce Articles in every Branch of Literature. With An appendix, containing The entire library of the learned Antiquarian the late Rev. Joseph Green, A.M. rector of Welford and Misserden in Gloucestershire, and several other Parcels of Books, Prints & Musick, very lately purchased, which will begin to be sold January, 1791, (the Prices printed in the Catalogue) by J. Sharp, printer and bookseller, Warwick, Where may he had, all sorts of Books and Stationary Ware: and the full Value for any Library, or Parcel of Books: Also Books neatly Bound, Gilt and Letter'd.


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