A catalogue of a pleasing assemblage of prints, by the best masters. Some elegantly framed and glazed. A few books of prints

Publication Date1792
RemainderA small, but well-chosen library of books, many of them elegantly bound. The property of a gentleman. Together with about fifty lots of beautiful shells for cabinets; two ancient missals, on vellum, finely illuminared; a pair of excellent twelve inch globes, by Wright; a quadrant, in Wainscot Case, &c. Among the prints, are the views of the Sandwich Islands, in colours. In the books are Pindar's works, 2 vols. in Morocco; Cook's voyages, and life, 5 vols. Russia; Baskerville's addision, 4 vols. Lavater's physiognomy, 3 vols. Russia; Luxemburgh Gallery, fine impressions; voyage pittoresque de naples et sicile; contes de la fontaine, 2 vols. Buffon, 54 vols. coloured; voyage imaginaire, 41 vols. Pilkington's dictioanry of painters; Rapin's England, 5 vols. &c. Which will be sold by auction, by Mr. King, at Baker's Coffee-House, Exchange Alley, on Tuesday, September 18, 1792, and the two following days, precisely at twelve o'clocl. To be viewed on Monday till the sale. Catalogues may be had at T. King's great room, King Street. Covent Garden, and at the place of sale


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