The country housewife and lady's director, in the management of a house, and the delights and profits of a farm

Publication Date1728
RemainderContaining instructions for managing the brew-house, and malt-liquors in the cellar; the making of wines of all forts. Directions for the dairy, in the improvement of butter and cheese upon the worst of soils; the feeding and making of brawn; the ordering of fish, fowl, herbs, roots, and all other useful branches belonging to a country-seat, in the most elegant manner for the table. Practical observation concerning distilling; with the best method of making ketchup, and many other curious and durable sauces. The whole distributed in their proper months, from the beginning to the end of the year. With particular remarks relating to the drying of kilming of saffron. By R. Bradley. professor of botony in the University of Cambridge, and F.R.S
PublisherPrinted for Woodman and Lyon in Russel-street, Covent-Garden




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