The Genuine history of the life of Richard Turpin

Publication Date1739
RemainderThe noted highwayman, who was executed at York for horse-stealing, under the name of John Palmer, on Saturday, Ap. 7, 1739. I. A true narrative of the transactions from his birth to his marriage and settling at Suson as a Butcher. I. An account of his being a smugler in the hundreds of Essex; his turning dear-stealer; his exploits with gregory, fielder, rose, wheeler, and the rest of the Essex Gang. III. His breaking from that gang, and an humorous adventure, by means of which he got acquainted with king. VI. Of his being pursued in white-chapple by Mr. Bayes, where he shot his companion king by mistake. V. A particular account and description of their cave, with the robberies they committed in those parts; and Turpin's shooting Mr. Thomspon's man. VI. An account of his exploits in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, with the manner of his being apprehended. VII. A summary account of his trial at York Assizes; his behaviour in gaol and at the place of execution. VIII. The depositions of two gentlemen out of Essex to prove him to be Richard Turpin. IX. Copies of letters from his father to him and his brother. The whole collected from well attested facts, and communicated by Mr. Richard Bayes, at the Green-Manon Epping-Forest, and other persons of that county
PublisherPrinted for J. Standen, at D'anvers's Head opposite Serjeants-Inn in Chancery-Lane

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