At R. Montagu's book-warehouse, the General Post-Office, that end of Great Queen-Street, next Drury-Lane. Is a choice collection of valuable books in all faculties and parts of learning

Publication Date1738
RemainderIn English, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Frech, &c. Together with several rare manuscripts. Being two curious libraries lately purchased, the whole consisting of above five thousand volumes. Which will begin to be sold cheap for ready money only, on Thursday the 27th of this instant April, 1738. The price being affixed to the first leaf of each book. There will likewise be exposed to sale a large number of fairly wrote manuscript sermons. Catalogues to be had gratis at the place of sale. Ready money for any library [of books], pictures, or any household [furniture]. Libraries sold for gentlemen, at [r]easonable rates, either by auction or ma[ns] catalgue. Such gentlemen, &c. who have books to bind, gild, or letter, may have them done in the best manner, on very reasonable terms, there being a number of good hands constantly employ'd, also marbled on leaves. Which art, long since lost, is now again retrieved, and far exceeds any done heretofore. Likewise books, or paper, stained by wet, or writing in the margin, or ever-so-much daub'd with ink, may be made perfectly clean, without damaging print or paper


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