The universal calculator

Publication Date1793
Remainderor the merchant's, tradesman's, and family's assistant. Being an entire, new, and complete set of tables, adapted for dealers in every branch of trade, by wholesale or retail, and all families, Shewing, at one View, The Amount or Value of any Number or Quantity of Goods or Merchandise, from One to Ten Thousand, at all the various Prices, from One Farthing, in regular progression, to Twenty Shillings. With I. Tables of Interest, from 1 Day to 30, and from 1 Month to 12-2. A Table, shewing the Number of Days from any Day in one Month to the same Day in any other. - 3. Tables of Commission or Brokerage, from 1/8 to 5 per Cent. To which are prefixed, I. A Table, shewing the Amount of any Salary, Income, &c. by the Day, Week, Month, or Year. - 2. A Table, for reducing English Bushels and Quarters to the Edinburgh Standard Corn Measure. - 3. An Entire New Set of Tables of the Different Weights and Measures, English and Scots, and such other Things as are necessary to be known in Different Branches of Business. A new edition. By John Thomson, Accomplant in Edinburgh, Author of the Tables of Interest, and Tables for Calculating the Price of Grain
Publisherprinted by Murray & Cochrane: for G. G. J. & J. Robinsons, London, and Peter Hill, Edinburgh




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