Compleat tables for measuring round and square timer

Publication Date1742
RemainderIn two parts. Part I. Containing the description of the tables of solids and superficies; and also the method of measuring round timber, whether regular or irregular, according to [a] more true and accurate method than has been used; shewing the difference of each piece of timber between the true and common way of measuring; whereby the errors of the books and tables relating to the measuring round timber, is seen at once. Also the arguments for and against the common way of measuring: in which is shewn the fallacy of any medium by false quantities, menion'd by the editor of Keay's practical measurer, and others; and that the only way to obtain a true medium, is to settle the price of timber according to the exact quantity; which is not to be found in any tables extant heretofore. Part II. Containing a definitive method of measuring timber that is growing or standing in the woods, &c. By the same tables: also the method of measuring timber that is hew'd square, shewing the errors of the common way; with some few questions for those who delight to measure with the line of numbers; and also, by the same tables, to find the circumstances of circles, by having the diameters; and by having the circumstances, to find the exact fourth part, without doubling the line: also, the true side of the square and areas of those circles are seen at once by the said tables. The whole being of great use to all measurers, as well as to gentlemen of estates, and buyes and sellers of timber. By Thomas Rowland, of New Windsor, late clerk of His Majesty's works there
PublisherPrinted for C. Hitch, at the Red-Lion in Pater-noster-Row, and R. Manby, at the Prince's Arms on Ludgate-Hill, over-against the Old Bailey



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