The tricks of London laid open

Publication Date1785
Remainderbeing, a true caution to both sexes in town and country. I. A General Reflection on the Town, with a Description of the present State of it. II. A Disswasive against Idleness, with the Character of a Sot. III. The Character of a Beau and a Gamester. IV, The Humours, Customs and Tricks of the Play-House, are discover'd and expos'd. V. The tricks of Cockers, Cock matches, and the Cheats of Horse-Races and Foot-Matches are discover'd VI. The villainy of money-dropper is expos'd, and the roguish methods they take to impose on country-men. VII. The Tricks of Bawds and Whores are detected, with a Description of a Bawdy house, and the art of Trapping. VIII. The Character of a Bully, Setter, and Spunger. IX. Particular Observations and Reflections upon several distinct occurrences of the Town.
Publisherprinted by T. Sabine, (no. 17) in Little New-Street, Shoe-Lane, Fleet-Street; where Printing is Performed at the Letter Press, and off Copper Plate, on the most reasonable Terms, and with Expedition

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