Kemmish's Annual-Harmonist

Publication Date1793
Remainderor, the British Apollo; being a complete lyric repository and banquet of amusement: containing the whims of the night and day: with all the monstrous good, and convivial songs catches, glees, duets, &c. sung this season, in the Prisoner, Just in time, Hartford bridge, Pirates, at Vauxhall, Bermondsey Spa, And various other polite Assemblies. Likewise, the president's companion; or, compleat toast-master. For the better encouragement of this work, W. K. offers for the best song, that comes to hand by September, 1793, a silver medal, Value 1d. 1s. - --Second Best, an Annual Harmonist bound in Morocco. - -- Third Best in Calf.
Publisherprinted and sold by W. Kemmish, King-Street, Borough; also sold by C. Stalker, Stationer's-Court, Ludgate-Hill; Mess. Bells, Oxford-Street; Mr. M'queen, Exeter-Change; Mr. Westley, opposite St. Clement's Church-Yard; Mr. Simmons , and all other booksellers in Great-Britain

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