The true and genuine account of the trial and all the most material transactions respecting the reverend Dr. Dodd

Publication Date1777
RemainderChaplain to the Earl of Chesterfield, &c. Who was condemn'd at the Old Bailey, on Saturday the 22d. of February, 1777. For Forging, and uttering as true, a counterfeit counterfeit Bond, purporting to be the Bond of the Earl of Chesterfield; with Intent to defraud Messrs. Fletcher and Peach, Esqs. Also The Examination of Messrs. Robinson and Dodd before the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, for the said Forgeries, and their seperate Defences. To which is added, The convict's address, to his fellow Prisoners, being a Sermon which he preached whilst in Newgate under Condemnation; and the Speech which he made at receiving Sentence; with the prayer which he composed the Night before his Execution, found among his Papers. And some very curious Anecdotes of the reverend Doctor, both in his public and private Life


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