The Life of Pontius Pilate

Publication Date1753
RemainderContaining, a concise history of the state of the Jewish nation. An account of the oppressions, violences, and massacrees committed by Pilate during his government of Juda?. The trial of Jesus Christ, by the high priests, Herod, and Pontius Pilate; with the history of his passion, resurrection, and ascension, methodically digested in an exact series of facts. Josephus's famous testimony of our saviour. Pilate's report of the miracles, trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to Tiberius, with the Roman senate's resolution thereupon. A remarkable passage in the Jewish Talmud, acknowledging Christ to be the Messiah. Plutarch's account of, and his odd reasons for the silence of the heathen oracles. His account of the death of the god Pan. Pilate's miserable end
PublisherPrinted for M. Cooper, Pater-noster-Row; W. Reeve, Fleet-street; and C. Sympson, at the Bible-Warehouse, Chancery-lane

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