The tryal of Thomas Colley, at the Assizes at Hertford, on Tuesday the 30th of July, 1751

Publication Date1751
RemainderBefore the Right Hon. Sir William Lee, knt. lord chief justice of the Court of King's-Bench, for the cruel and inhuman murder of Ruth Osborne, wife of John Osborne, of Tring, in Hertfordshire, by ducking her in Marlston-Mere, in the said Parish of Tring, under supposition of her being a witch, 'till she was suffocated with mud and water. To which is annexed, some farther particulars of the affair, which did not come out on the trial; as taken from the mouth of John Osborne, who happily surviv'd the ill usage he met with also of ducking, as being a vizard. Taken from his own mouth in Hertford Town, during the time of the Assizes. Likewise a narrative of the cruel murder of Mr. Joseph Jeffryes of Walthamstow, in Essex, and a copy of the indicment that was found by the grand jury against John Swan, the servant, and Elizabeth Jeffryes, (niece of the decreased) at the Assizes at Chelmsford, on Friday the 2d of August, 1751, for the said murder. Together with the pleadings of the Council on both sides, for and against putting off the trial of the said Robert Swan, and Elizabeth Jeffryes, 'till the next Lent Assizes. Also the trials of the several prisoners at the said Assizes at Chelmsford, before the Lord Chief Justice Lee, on the 31st of July, and 1st and 2d of August, 1751
PublisherPrinted for T. Brown, in the Little Old-Bailey, and sold by all booksellers and pamphlet-sellers in town and country


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