The Universal Hebrew grammar, for the use of schools and private gentlemen

Publication Date1775
RemainderIn which every thing essential for attaining the knowledge of that language, even without a master, a digested in an easy method, and communicated to common capacities, with that expressive brevity peculiar to the sacred oracles. To which is added, the book of Psalms, exhibiting in one continued point of view, 1. The Hebrew text in it's own order. 2. The English version, word for word with the Hebrew. 3. The grammatical construction of the Hebrew words, reduced, as they occur to the rules of the above grammar, and their genuine significations, which every elegancy peculiar to that language, communicated to common capacities. By which the pious mechanic, as well as the learned divine, may read, translate, and give the proper emphatical grammar criticism of every word, according to the original Hebrew, and be happily enabled to comprehend the meaning of the devout mysteries contained in that most comfortable portion of the divine oracles. A work entirely new, and every way more extensively and eminently useful to learned and unoerned, than any thing of the kind evey published in this kingdom
PublisherPrinted for the author, by T. Brewman, at No. 2, Peterborough-Court, Fleet-Street


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