Practical book-keeping made easy, in theory and practice, according to the true Italian modern method

Publication Date1761
RemainderWherein; the theory of the art is reduced to practice, by a greater variety of practical examples, in all the different branches of trade, than any extant; adapted to real business; and the useless though troublesome accompts which have been hitherto used in, are intirely omitted, and easier and shorter methods in introduced. The whole delivered in a methodical from, agreeable to the trade of this kingdom. With a useful and necessary appendix; containing, particular methods and directions, for the use of agents, stewards, tradesmen, artificers, and retailers, by the help of which, each person will be able compleatly to manage his affairs without any other assistance. The mercantile rules of arithmetic, fully exemplified. Also, sundry precedents of merchants writings. The whole fitted to the lowest capacity. Intended for the use of schools, and a companion for young accompants. By David Talbot, writing-master and accomptant. Author of the new arithmetical catechism
PublisherPrinted by A. Reilly, for the author



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