The masque

Publication Date1768
RemainderA new and select collection of the best English, Scotch, and Irish songs, catches, duets, and cantatas, in the true spirit and taste of the three different nations. Collected from all the numerous Books of this Kind that have been published from the first Appearance of such Works to the present Time; including every celebrated Song that has been sung at the public Gardens and Theatres, either the last or any preceding Season. With a great Number of Valuable Originals. Being an Attempt to improve upon others in the true Spirit of Social Mirth and Good Fellowship, without forgetting the Respect that is due to the Public. To which is added, A complete Collection of the various Toasts, Sentiments, and Hob Nobs, that are now in vogue. A New Edition, carefully corrected. Nor shun, my Soul! the genial Bowl, Where Mirth, Good-Nature, Spirit slow; Ingredients these, above to please The laughing Gods, the Wife below. Young
Publisherprinted for Richardson and Urquhart, under the Royal Exchange


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