The new universal geographical grammar

Publication Date1777
RemainderWherein the situation and extent of the several countries are laid down according to the most exact geographical observations, and the history of all the different kingdoms of the world is interspersed in such a manner, as to render the study of geography both useful and entertaining. Under these three heads: I. A compendious system of astronomy. II. The geographical definitions, problems, and general divisions of the earth, necessary to be understood as an introduction to this grammar. III. A particular description of the countries contained in each quarter of the world; their cities, chief towns, respective forms of government, forces, revenues, taxes, and history. Together with an account of the air, soil, produce, traffic, curiosities, arms, religion, language, universities, bishoprics, manners, customs, habits, and coins, in use in the several kingdoms and states treated of. Illustrated with a new and correct set of maps of the countries described. The whole being an improvement and continuation of Mr Salmon's grammar. Brought down to the present time By J. Tytler
PublisherPrinted by W. Darling; sold by him, J. Dickson, and C. Elliot


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