A plan for the better regulation of mariners in the merchants service, to increase their numbers, and form the whole body of British seamen into a distinct corporation. To be called the fellowship of seamen, voluntarily offering to serve the state when called upon

Publication Date1780
RemainderWherein are shewn the singular benefits and immunities, which every member of this corporation will be intitled to, from his first entrance into the fellowship, to the time of his becoming incapable of service, together with the provision intended for him, during the remainder of his life. The liberality of these encouragements, it is submitted, will be a sufficient inducement to seamen, to become members of this corporation, whereby the Royal Navy may at all times, and upon any sudden emergency, be expeditiously manned; the practice of impressing rendered useless, and commerce be uninterrupted, by embargoes at the commencement of a war, or the want of protections during any period of it
PublisherPrinted for J. Bew, Pater-noster-Row, J. Millidge, Maiden-Lane, Covent-Garden, and Powney and Cust, Parliament-Street, Westminster


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