Miscellaneous arithmetic

Publication Date1766
RemainderOr A full account of the new calendar; with the several uses of the logarithms, and of multiplication and division by Mony, &c. In seven parts. containing, I. A brief account of the festivals and fasts of the Jewish and Christian churches; which such others as are mentioned in the present new calendar; very necessary for the better understanding the said calendar; II. A dissertation concerning years, months, &c. and the manner of their being settled in the world, for the better computation of time. Together with the calculation of scripture-measures, weights, and coins: and an observation concerning the exquisite workmanship of the tabernacle, &c. in the time of moses. ... VI. Some observations on the weather; by which any person is enabled to form to himself some ideas of it for the time to come; to which is subjoined, a taste of enigmatical writing, together with the character of a good Christian, set forth in twenty paradoxes, with their solutions. VII. An essay concerning the education of children, so far as relates to the several sciences which they are to learn at school. The whole, being the fullest and compleatest of this kind extant, is designed for the use of schools in Great Britain and Ireland; and in the English plantations and colonies, as subjects both profitab'e and entertaining. By Thomas Dilworth, author of the new guide to the English Tongue, schoolmasters assistant, young book-keeper's assistant, &c. &c. and schoolmaster in Wapping
PublisherPrinted and sold by Henry Kent, at the Printing Office in Finch-lane near the Royal Exchange




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