The lords protest on a motion

Publication Date1743
Remainderto address His Majesty, To Exonerate his Subjects of the Charge and Burthen of those Foreign Troops, which were taken into our Service last Year, without the Advice or Consent of Parliament. To which is Added, a list of the Members who voted For and Against the Hanover Troops to be in British Pay, December 10, 1742; with a List of the Lords who voted For and Against, and Protested. Likewise, The Lords Protest against an act for repealing certain Duties upon Spirituous Liquors, and on Licences for retailing the same, and for laying other Duties on Spirituous Liquors, and on Licences to retail the said Liquors. And a State of the National Debt Provided and Unprovided for by Parliament, as it stood on the 31st of December, 1741, and on the 31st of December, 1742. Together with an Account of the Produce of the Sinking Fund in that Year, and to the Payment of what Debts contracted before the 25th of December 1716, the said Fund has been applied. Also a View of the Taxes, Funds, and Public Revenues of England; with the Total of Monies voted by Parliament, during Queen Ann's War, from the Year 1702, to the Year 1712. inclusive
Publisherprinted for T. Webster, near Pater-Noster Row


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