Museum falconarianum

Publication Date1778
RemainderA catalogue of the entire and capital museum of anatomical preparations, and other subjects of natural history; a great variety of chirurgical, anatomical, and philosophical instruments; medicaments, cabinets, preparation-glasses, and other effects; of the Late Mr. Magnus Falconar, surgeon, and professor of Anatomy, deceased: which, by order of the adminstrator, will be sold by aution, by Mr. paterson, at his Great Room, No 6. in King-Street, Covent-Garden, London, on Monday the 12th of October 1778, and the nine following evenings, to begin precisely at five o'clock. To be viewed on Wednesday the 7th instant, and to the time of sale. Catalogues, Price One Shilling, may be had at the place of sale; where also may be had, Mr. Falconar's synopsis of his course of lectures on anatomy and surgery, printed only for the use of his pupils, and never before published, Price Five Shillings


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