Librorum ex bibliothecis Honoratissimi Roberti Dormer armig. Et Joannis Battely, nuper archidiac. Cantuariensis, catalogus: or, A catalogue of the libraries of the Honourable Robert Dormer Esq; one of the justices of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas; and of the Reverend Dr. John Battely, archdeacon of Canterbury: both lately deceased. Being a very curious collection of books relating to the history, antiquities, and parliamentary affairs of Great Britain and Ireland; and of divers other nations; viz. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Muscovy, &c. Also a great number of books of medals, architecture, perspective, mathematicks, painting, husbandry, trade, voyages, civil, canon, and Common Law, divinity, &c. Likewise a very neat collection of classicks by the most celebrated printers, viz. Aldus, Colinu?s, Rob. & Car. Stephens, Giolito, Junt,? Valgrisius, Vascosan, Morellius, Elzevir, &c. with several in Usum Delphini, Paris Edition, & cum Notis Variorum. Together with a great Collection in Physick, Surgery, and Natural History. Which will begin to be sold very cheap (the lowest price fixed in each book) on Monday the 24th day of this instant April, 1727, by Fletcher Gyles, bookseller, over against Grays-Inn in Holborn; beginning at nine in the Morning. Catalogues are delivered gratis, by Mr. Strahan, in Conhill; Messicurs William and John Innys, in St. Paul's Church-yard; Mr. Lewis, next Tom's Coffee-House, Covent-Garden; Mr. Gosting, at the Middle-Temple-Gate, Fleetstreet; booksellers: and at the place of sale

Publication Date1727


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