Brief annals of the church and state under the reign of Queen Elizabeth

Publication Date1731
RemainderBeing a continuation of the annals of the Church of England, and of the religion there established. Together with many affairs of state occuring within the last twelve years of that Queen's government, unto the access of James King of Scotland, her immediate successor: and some few years after his entrance. Consisting of a large collection of original and authentic records, papers, and letters of state, correspondences of princes, noblemen, bishops, and other persons of quality in the universities or elsewhere: information from ambassadors, foreigners, spies, jesuites, and others from abroad. Which manuscript papers, digested from year to year, as matters fell out, will give a great light, and communicate more knowledge of the said remaining years of that reign, than the world hath been acquainted with before. Together with many short additions, interspersed in divers places for the explaining and better understanding of various matters in those papers more obscure, occurring. And to which is added, a supplement of several records suiting with the years of the former volumes. By John Strype, M.A
PublisherPrinted for Edward Symon, against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill




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