A compendious view of natural and revealed religion

Publication Date1796
RemainderIn seven books. Book I. Of the Standard of all Religion; the Law of Nature in its Foundation and Contents, the Insufficiency of the Light of Nature to render a Man truly virtuous and happy; the Possibility, Desirableness, Necessity, Propriety, Reasonableness, Credibility, Divine Authority, Properties, and Parts of that Revelation which is contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. Book II. Of God, the Author, Object, and End of all Religion, in his Perfections, Persons, Purposes, and Works. Book III. Of the Bonds of Religious Connection between God and Men, the Covenants of Works and Grace in their Origin, Parties, Parts, and Administration in time and through eternity. Book IV. Of Christ the Mediator of the Covenant of Grace, in his Person, Offices, and States. Book V. Of the Blessings of the Covenant of Grace, Effectual Calling, Justification, Adoption, Sanctification, Spiritual Comfort, Eternal Glory. Book VI. Of the Dispensation of the Covenant of Grace by means of the Law, the Gospel, and Ordinances thereof. Book Vii. Of the New Covenant Society or Church, in her Constitution, Members, Offices, and Government. By the Rev. John Brown, Late Minister of the Gospel in Haddington
Publisherprinted by Murray & Cochrane. Sold by James Gillies and Andrew Macaulay, Booksellers, Glasgow



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