A Companion to all the principal places of curiosity and entertainment in and about London and Westminster

Publication Date1800
RemainderContaining an historical description of London, the tower of London, the Monument, the Royal-Exchange, the Mansion-House, Guildhall, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Leverian Museum, Westminster-Hall, Westminster-Abbey, the British Museum, and other places. With a concise and exact account of the curiosities contained therein. Also the rates of watermen. And a new, large, and correct plan of London, Westminster, and Southwark: with Hackney coach fares. Designed for strangers to chose such objects as suit their convenience, and to enable them to describe what they have seen
PublisherPrinted by and for J. Drew, Fetter-lane: sold also by W. Richardson, at the Royal-Exec[h]ange; and J. Pridden, Fleet-street

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