The complete family cook

Publication Date1796
Remainderbeing A system of cookery. Adapted to the tables not only of the opulent, but of persons of moderate fortune and condition. Containing Directions for choosing, dressing, and serving up all Sorts of Butcher Meat, Poultry, &c. The different Modes of making all Kinds of Soups, Ragouts, Fricandeaus, Creams, Ratafias, Compots, Preserves, &c. &c. as well as a great Variety of cheap and elegant Side Dishes, calculated to grace a Table at a small Expence. Instructions for making out Bills of Fare for the four Seasons of the Year, and to furnish a Table with few or any Number of Dishes, at the most moderate possible Expence. Necessary for Housekeepers, Butlers, Cooks, and all who are concerned in the Superintendance of a Family. The fourth edition-enlarged. By S. Taylor.
Publishersold by J. Annereau, No. 2, Stone's-End, Southwark; W. Ford, No. 86, Blackman-Street; T. Garnet, Maidstone; and C. Thompson, Cambridge

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