An account of the principle and effects of the air stove-grates, (which warm rooms, &c. by a continual introduction and exchange of dry fresh air,) commonly known by the name of American stoves

Publication Date1781
RemainderTogether with a description of the late additions and improvements made to them By James Sharp, (for which His Majesty's patents for Great-Britain are obtained,) no. 15, Leadenhall-Street, London. Either warm or cold air may (by this improvement) be drawn through the stove so as to raise or lower the thermometer at pleasure: and, it is found by experience, if a room be made ever so warm it will still be fresh air, perfectly free from smell, and agreeable to the nicest breath and tenderest lungs
PublisherSold by B. White, No. 63, Fleet-Street; H. Payne, and J. Dodsley, Pall-Mall; and C. Dilly, No. 22, Poultry, London, booksellers. By Mr. Merrill, at Cambridge; and by Mr. Jackson, at Oxford



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