A Concise history of the antiquities of Egypt

Publication Date1753
RemainderContaining, an account of the antient Egyptians; the grandeur of their publick buildings; obelisks, pyramids, Lake of M^D oeris, the Nile, the famous canal between the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean, with a curious map thereof. Also the manners, customs, laws, learning and government of the Egyptians. Likewise their manner of treating dead bodies; method of embalming; and particular way of trying and judging persons after their death. With seven large and curious copper plate prints of Egyptian Mummies, exactly drawn; with their hieroglyphic characters, interpreted and explained. Inscribed to the Members of the Royal Society. Taken from the works of Mr. Rollin. With some account of sir Hans Sloan, his antiquities and curiosities, with an abstract of his last will
PublisherPrinted for M. Cooper, Pater-noster-Row; W. Reeve, Fleet-street; and C. Sympson, Chancery-lane

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