The complete measure: or, The whole art of measuring

Publication Date1797
RemainderIn two parts. Part I. Teaching decimal arithmetic, with the extraction of the square and cube roots. Also the multiplication of feet and inches, commonly called cross multiplication. Part II. Teaching to measure all sorts of superficies and solids, by decimals, by cross multiplication, and by scale and compasses: also, the works of several artificers relating to building, and the measuring of board and timber, shewing the common errors, and some practical questions. Thirteenth edition, to which is added an appendix. I. Of gaging. 2. Of land-measuring. Very useful for all tradesmen, especially carpenters,, bricklayers, plasterers, painters, joiners, glaziers, masons, &c. By William Hawney, Philomath. Recommended by the Rev. Dr. John Harris, F.R.S
LocationCork Printed
PublisherAnd sold by James Haly, bookseller, King's-Arms, Exchange


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