The laws and customs, rights, liberties, and privileges, of the City of London

Publication Date1779
Remaindercontaining. The several charters granted to the said city, from William the Conqueror to the present time; the Magistrates and Officers thereof, and their respective Creations, Elections, Rights, Duties, and Authorities; the Laws and Customs of the City, as the same relate to the Persons or Estates of the Citizens; the Nature, Jurisdiction, Practice and Proceedings of the several Courts in London; and the Acts of Parliament concerning the Cities of London and Westminster, alphabetically digested under the following Titles, viz. Administration, Aldermen, Aliens, Annoyance, Apothccaries, Appeals, Ashes, Attaines, Ballast, Barhers, Bawdy-House, Billingsgate, Black-Well-Hall, Brass, Brokers and Stockjobbers, Buildings, Butchers, Butter and Cheese, Carts, Chairs, Churches, Coaches, Coals, Conduits, Constables, Coopers, Cordwainers, Corn, Debts, Drapery, Election, Fish, Fuel, Garbling and Gauging, Gold and Goldsmiths, Gunpowder, Highways, Jury, Market, Oilmen, Painters and Plaisterers, Pavement, Physicians, Quo Warranto, Recognizances, Sewers, Stockjobbers, Streets, Tithes, Victuallers, Water, Watermen, Weights and Measures, and Wine
Publishersold by the Constable of Cornhill


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