The lives of Stephen M'daniel, John Berry, James Egan, (alias Gahagan) and James Salmon

Publication Date1755
Remainderthief-takers. Containing, a full account of the evidence on which they were convicted, which opens such a Scene of Villainy as is scarce to be paralell'd in History. Together with Mr. Cox's narrative, by whose vigilance and industry, they were discovered, taken and brought to Justice. With the evidence they gave against Kelly and Ellis at the assizes at Maidstone. Likewise the case of Kidden, the porter, who was wrongfully convicted of a robbery on the highway; and executed at Tyburn, on the Evidence of M`daniel, Berry, Blee, and other Thief-Takers
Publisherprinted for H. Owen, Printer of the St. James's Evening Post, White-Fryars, and C. Sympson, at the Bible-Warehouse, Chancery-Lane


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