An almanack: or, Diary astronomical, meteorological, astrological, for the year of our lord, 1723

Publication Date1723
RemainderIt being the third after leap-year. Containing the eclipses of the luminaries, solar-ingresses, rising and setting of the sun, for the city of Corke. A table of the sun's declination, fit for sea-men, or others, with divers tables of good use, calculated chiefly for the famous city of Dublin, whose lat. is 53 deg. 20 min. north, and may very well serve any part of this kingdom. To which is added some surprizing paradoxes, arithmetical questions, Ænigma's &c. with marry delightful particulars, adapted for the use and diversion of both sexes. Also the method of adjusting clocks & watches, the use of the quick-silver barometer, or weather-glass; and many other things not in any of the former. By John Knapp, watch and clock-maker at Lower-End of St. Peter's-Church-Lane, on the key. Corke
PublisherPrinted by Andrew Welsh, next door to Sheriff's books's near the Exchange, and are to be sold at his Printing House, and by the booksellers in Corke and Dublin


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