An impartial account of the cruelties exercised in the inquisition in Spain, Portugal, and Italy

Publication Date1751
RemainderParticularly, the trial and sufferings, of Mr. Isaac Martin, who was put into the inquisition in Spain, for the sake of the Protestant religion: with an account of his deliverance. To which is annex'd, a copy of a certificate sign'd by the then archbishop and bishops relating to his sufferings. Also a description of the inquisition of Granda; and the prosecution of the samous molinos; his condemnation, imprisonment and death. With an abstract of the travels and sufferings of Mr. William Lithgow, a Scotsman, in the inquisition; and an account of other cruelties in that wicked court likewise, Mr. Bower, who was secretary to the inquisition, his reasons for leaving the same. By Giles Holman, Esq
PublisherPrinted br R. Walker, in the Little Old-Bailey


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