The englishman's rational proceedings in the choice of religion

Publication Date1742
RemainderWherein it is shewn, That Man may lawfully examine his Faith; and that after an impartial Examination it will appear, that the Doctrines of the Established Church of England, are more conformable to the Scriptures, the Practice and Consent of Antiquity, and to all the Dictates of Reason and Common-Sense, than those of Popery or Presbyterianism. Deliver'd in a sermon at St. Giles's Church in the City of Durham, on Sunday the 28th of February 1741/2, before a numerous Congregation. By the Reverend George White, Minister of Colne in the County of Lancaster. Publish'd at the Request of the Audience.
Publisherprinted for J. and H. Pemberton, in Fleet-Street



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