For the benefit of Mr. Palmer

Publication Date1789
RemainderAs you like it. The last night but two This present Monday, June 29, 1789, a New Entertainment offer'd to the Public will be continued every Evening 'till the first of July, By Mr. Palmer, Of Drury Lane Theatre, And Mr. Cartwright, Whose Performances on the Musical Glasses Has been honoured with such distinguished Patronage. The Performance will be in the Grand Saloon of that capacious and elegant Building, The Lyceum Strand. Mr. Palmer will deliver his Whimsical, Satirical, Serious, and Comic, Olio, in three parts: In which he flatters himself, there will be something to please all palates. The performance shall have to recommend it variety and novelty, In the following Manner: Part I. An Occasional Address, (written by Mr. Bellamy) And various Comic Characters, from Foote. (for the First Time) to conclude with British Loyalty; Or, A Squeeze for St. Paul's. Part II. A Tragedy for Warm Weather, called Lindamira. The Characters of the King, Confidante, Lindamira, and the Epilogue By Mr. Palmer, Who will afterwards deliver a Lecture on Oratory, in which will be introduced a Specimen of Scotch Elocution. Mr. Kean will give Theatrical and Senatorial Imitations; he will conclude with Luminaries of St Stephen's Chapel and the Heroes of the Sock & Buskin Part III. In addition to what Mr. Palmer has already given, he will introduce Observations on the following Subjects: Esteem, Friendship, Public Spirit, Generosity, Gratitude, Common Sense, And A Pin. (an elegant Morceau.) And on the Heads of Hector and Achilles, contrasted with those of Humphrys and Mendoza. To finish with the Character of a Drunken Buck. Between each Part, Mr. Cartwright, (who has had the Honour of Instructing the Queen of France.) Will perform on the much admired Grand Set of Musical Glasses. The whole to conclude with Mr. Cartwright's Beautiful Display of Philosophical fire-works. In Addition to his former Display, he has just finished a Grand Fixed Central Piece. Which undergoes a number of changes, in various figures and Beautiful variation of colours. In the Intervals, the Saloon is lighted by an Aereopyric Branch, suspended from the Cupola by a Chain:-a Light is produced in an Instant, changes its Colour, and is extinguished without any visible Means whatever. Doors to he opened at Half past Seven O'Clock, and begin precisely at Eight. Box 5s. Saloon 3s. Gallery 2s. Tickets and Places for the Boxes to be taken every Day, from Ten 'till Three, at the Lyceum, at the Lobby Door
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