An essay towards an history of the English tongue

Publication Date1773
RemainderThe third edition. Divided into five preliminary dissertations, and giving an account, I. Of the Roman or Latin tongue, as once spoken in Britain. II. Of the British or Welsh, and its antient, and present limits. III. Of the Pyhtas, corruptly called Picts, by the Romans; their settlement in the north of Britain; the original of their name, and the nature, extent, and duration of their language. IV. Of the Scots from Ireland; and the extent of the Erse language; in order to distinguish it from the English in Scotland. V. Of the r?a of the language properly called English. By John Free, D.D
PublisherPrinted for the author, and delivered by him at his house near Newington Butts; also by W. Brown, the corner of Essex-Street, in the Strand, and J. Williams, No 39, in Fleet-Street



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