Hickelty pickelty

Publication Date1710
Remainderor, a medly of characters adapted to the age. Relating to different persons and perswasions, viz. a Presbyterian; or, a female hypocrite. A beau. A Whig. A Lawyer's Clerk; or, A Pot-Poet, An Attorney. A Detracter. A Bowling-Green. A Surgeon. A Player. A Tavern. A Coquet. A Pinner's-Hall Text-Driver. An unsanctify'd Dun; or, A cruel Creditor. A Bayliff's Follower. The Exchange. Will's Coffee-House. A Wit. A Flatterer. A High-Flyer. A Drunkard. A Prison. A Courtier. A handsom Bar-Keeper. A young Rake. A Whore-Master. A Pretender to Learning. A Tobacconist. An upstart Sherriff; or, A Country-Justice. A Sceptick in Religion. A Stock-Jobber
Publisherprinted: and sold by J. Morphew, near Stationers-Hall



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