A. De la Motraye's travels through Europe, Asia, and into part of Africa

Publication Date1730
Remaindercontaining a great variety of geographical, topographical, and political observations on those parts of the world; especially on Italy, England, Turky, Greece, Crim and Noghaian Tartaries, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Lapland, Denmark, and Holstein. On their productions, trade, manufactures, cities, colonies, and on what is most curious in nature, art, and antiquity, in these countries; and on the genius, manners, and customs of the inhabitants. With an historical account of the most considerable events which happened during the space of above twenty-five years spent in those travels: such as a great revolution in the Ottoman Empire, by which the Sultan was deposed; the engaging of the Russian and Turkish armies on the Pruth; the late King of Sweden's flight from Pultoua to Bender; the kind reception he met with among the Turks; his transactions with the Porte, and return into his dominions; his campaigns in Norway, after the loss of Stralsund; his death, and the princess Ulrica's accession to the throne; her generous resignation of it to her consort the present King; and, in fine, all the chief transactions of the Senate and states of Sweden till the peace with Russia. Illustrated with 50 proper cuts, representing a great many rare and valuable pieces of curiosity both antient and modern; as pontifical and patriarchal crowns, eastern and northern dresses, most pretious vessels, idols, altars, sacrifices, medals, &c. Plans of towns, camps, battles and mines; new and accurate maps of the Mediterranean, Black, Caspian and Baltick seas, with the countries adjacent. Revised by the author; with the addition of two new cuts. ... To which is added, a chapter containing A journey to the wells of Pyrmont, and the mines of Hanover and Wolffembuttel
PublisherPrinted, and sold by Mr. Round in Exchange-Alley, Mr. Du Noyer in the Strand, Mr. Meighan in Drury-Lane; and Messrs. Grierson and Bradley, booksellers in Dublin


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