A new and universal history

Publication Date1776
Remainderdescription and survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, And their adjacent parts. Including not only all the Parishes within the Bills of Mortality, but the Towns, Villages, Palaces, Seats, and Country, to the extent of Twenty Miles round, comprizing a circle of near one hundred and fifty miles. Containing An accurate and circumstantial Account of the Origin of London; with a View of its progressive improvement, from its first foundation to its present flourishing state, and amazing extent. A Description of the Antiquities, from the most remote periods of authentic intelligence. A particular Account of its constitution and government, ecclesiastical, civil and military; its charters, laws, customs, privileges, immunities, commerce, trade, manufactures, its astonishing power and influence, foreign and domestic. A Survey and Description of the several wards, parishes, precincts, liberties, squares, streets, avenues, churches, chapels, palaces, parliament-house, courts of law, inns of court, noblemen's houses, halls, hospitals, colleges, alms-houses, schools, museums, gates, and other remarkable buildings, public and private. History of the several incorporated companies of merchants and traders; their origin, institution, constitution, peculiar laws, rights, privileges, and coats of arms. An Account of the several charitable foundations, and benevolent institutions in the Metropolis and its environs; which, to the immortal credit of the humane inhabitants, are much greater in number, more liberally supported, and decently conducted, than in any other place in the universe. A variety of instructive and entertaining anecdotes relative to the transactions of such persons who have more particularly distinguished themselves in a political, magisterial, military, marine, commercial, ecclesiastical, or literary capacity. A comprehensive view of the progress of the learned and ingenious, the gradual improvement of literature, the ancient and present state of the arts, sciences, and belles letters, the encouragement given to painting, music, history, oratory, and the fine arts in general; survey of the public amusements, and most remarkable places of entertainment, with critical remarks on their beauties, blemishes and tendencies. The ancient and present state and curiosities of St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Monument, British Museum, Royal Exchange, Account of the Bank, Adelphi Buildings, Bridges, &c. Curious calculations respecting the number of inhabitants; comparisons between this metropolis and the principal cities in the universe; inferences concerning births and burials. An account of the mineral waters, springs, vegetables, fossils, &c. found in London and its vicinity. A description of the most remarkable towns, villages, palaces, noblemen and gentlemen's seats, and other buildings public and private, and the country in general, &c. which surround and ornament this opulent and superb metropolis for the space of twenty miles. Comprizing, in the most accurate and comprehensive Manner, A full and impartial account of all that relates to this important Metropolis, and the surrounding country, which can improve the understanding, excite the attention, gratify the curiosity, or captivate the imagination. By Walter Harrison, Esq. Enriched with upwards of one hundred elegant copper-plate engravings, exhibiting architectral, perspective antique, and rural views of churches, chapels, palaces, gates, antiquities, ruins, hospitals, bridges, and other buildings, public and private; delightful landscapes, beautiful prospects, and captivating situations; besides plans, maps, surveys, &c
Publisherprinted for J. Cooke, at Shakespeare's Head, in Pater-Noster-Row



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