Sermons on the Most important and interesting subjects of Christianity

Publication Date1764
RemainderWhich are as follows; 1. On the nature and condition of man in a state of innocence. 2. On the fall of man, or Sin's entrance into the world. 3. On the same subject. 4. On the re-entrance of righteousness, or the recovery of fallen man by Jesus Christ. 5. On repentance towards God. 6. On faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ. 7. On the same subject. 8. On the office and operations of the Holy Spirit. 9. On regeneration. 10. On the love of God towards man. 11. On the promises of the new testament. 12. On prayer. 13. On the nature of ordinances, Church Communion, and good works. 14. On Gospel sanctification. 15. On Christian perfection. By R. Elliot, A.B. formerly of Bennet College, Cambridge
PublisherPrinted, and sold by G. Keith, at the Bible and Crown, in Grace-church-street; E. Dilly, in the Poultry; M. Folingsby, at the Seven Star, near Temple-Bar, Fleetstreet; and T. Fisher, bookseller in Rochester


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