New improvements of planting and gardening

Publication Date1726
Remainderboth philosophical and practical. In three parts. I. Containing, a new system of vegetation. Explaining the Motion of the Sap, and Generation of Plants. Of Soils, and the Improvement of Forest-Trees. With a new Invention, whereby more Designs of Garden-Plats may be made in an Hour, than can be found in all the Books of Gardening yet extant. II. The best Manner of Improving Flower-Gardens, or Parterres: Of raising and propagating all Sorts of Flowers, and of the Adorning of Gardens. III. Of Improving Fruit-Trees, Kitchen-Gardens; and Green-House-Plants. With the Gentleman and Gardener's Kalendar. To which is added, that scarce and valuable Tract, entitled, Herefordshire-Orchards Agite, O Adolescentes, & antequam Canities vobis obrepat, Stirpes jam alueritis, quae vobis, cum insigne utilitate, delectationem etiam adferent. Pet. Bellonius, de neglecta Stirpium cultura. Illustrated with copper-plates. By Richard Bradley. Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F. R. S.
Publisherprinted for W. Mears, at the Lamb without Temple-Bar



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