Bibliotheca Piggotiana or, A catalogue of the library of the Reverend Mr. John Piggot, deceas'd

Publication Date1713
RemainderContaining a choice collection of many valuable and rare books in divinity, history, philosophy, &c. In Greek, Latin, and English; of the best editions, and for the most part, curiously bound, filleted, gilt or letter'd; with a large collection of pamphlets not mention'd in the catalogue. Which will begin to be sold by auction, at the Hanover Coffee-house in Finch-Lane, near the Royal Exchange in Cornhill; on Monday the 8th day of June, 1713. Beginning every evening at 5 a clock exactly, till the sale is finish'd. By Thomas Ballard, book-seller, at the Rising-Sun in Little-Britain where catalogues may be had; as also of Mr. Brown at his Ware-house in Exeter-Exchange in the Strand; and at his son's shop at Temple-bar; Mr. Robinson in St. Paul's Church-yard; Mr. Clarke in the Old Change; Mr. Baker at Mercers Chappel; Mr. Crouch in Cornhill; Mr. Mount on Tower-hill, booksellers, and at the place of sale


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