Proposals for establishing a charitable fund in the city of London

Publication Date1706
RemainderBy voluntary gifts and loans of mony, to relieve necessitous persons from the oppressions and evil practises of ill men; providing poor people, within the several parishes mentioned in the weekly bills of mortality, with coals and other necessaries at a cheap rate in the winter and time of war, maintaining those that are not able to get their livelihood, setting others to work or employ them to sweep and clean the streets and other places within the said parishes, clear them form beggars, make convenient walks, and repair the high-ways in the avenues of the said city; with reasons for the same, shewing the benefits that will arise thereby to the publick, &c. In two parts
Publisherprinted at the charge of several charitable persons, to be given gratis; or sold by Mr. Aylmer, bookseller, over-against the Royal Exchange

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