The hard-Us'd poet's complaint

Publication Date1750
Remainderinscrib'd To the Theatric-Managers, and Bibliopolians, Of the Great, Little world. By Scriblerius Tertius, Esq. Of Neither University, and indeed Barely of Gramatical Erudition
Publisherprinted for the author, publish'd by G. Woodfall at Charing Cross, and the following Publishers of the Body-Politick; (that is to say) at J. Brindley's, New Bond-Street; H. Chapelle's, in Grosvenor-Street; J Jackson's, in St. James's-Street; H. Dunoyer's, at the Bible, in the Hay-Market; J. Millan's, facing the Admiralty-Office, White-Hall; S. Harding, Bookseller, in St. Martin's-Lane; F. Noble's, in St. Martin's-Court; G. Bickham's, May's-Buildings' J. Robinson's, at Milton's Head, in Maiden-Lane, Covent-Garden; S. Baker's, in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden; Mr. Slater's, Bookseller, in Clare-Court, Drury-Lane; H. Pier's, at the Bible and Crown, near the Bull and Gate, High-Holbourn; W. Owen, Temple-Barr; Wm. Reeve's, at Shakespear's Head, in Fleet-Street; and R. Spavan, at the Crown, in Ivy-Lane

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